Illustration of professional and divers people for representation of Softrams team culture.
We want to recreate a new reality by building innovative products and providing modern digital services that bridge the gap between technology and usability.
Softrams aims to accelerate innovation and redefine the digital landscape by building human-centered services that are simple, intuitive, efficient, and usable. Our conviction stems from working on the frontlines with federal agencies to bring tangible results that in turn positively impact millions of Americans.
Our mission is to evolve, advance, and continue to be a leading consulting and solutions provider specializing in modern and cutting-edge technologies. Our investment into our growth has enabled us to emerge as a leading Information Technology company. As we disrupt outdated practices and processes, we are pledging to continue bringing positive change that benefits not just some, but all people across our nation.
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Stand United
We practice what we preach - which is to respect, empower, and appreciate everyone's uniqueness. At Softrams, we believe in equality which makes us proud of our diversity.
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Provide Value
We take pride in our work and strive to provide exceptional digital services that are achieved through in-depth research, avant-garde creativity, and tenacious execution.
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Transform Digital Landscape
With our client partnerships, we aim to make a difference in how technology shapes our world. We co-create new possibilities that can benefit us all.

We are committed to our policies.

Quality Policy
Build mutually beneficial relationships with our customers by understanding their needs and providing solutions to exceed their expectations. Establish effective processes and systems, designed to meet all safety, quality, cost and delivery objectives of the business. Promote a culture of Continual Improvement in our business practices, led by Top Management. Maintain a skilled, knowledgeable and accountable workforce through individual competency development, effective communications and employee engagement. – Atchut Kanthamani, CEO
Security Policy
Softrams will ensure security is built in every aspect of service life cycle from planning, designing, developing, testing, and operations. We will follow security guidelines and processes to provide support for access control and rights for each service. Our development team applies DHHS, Federal Information and Security Management Act (FISMA), Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The Softrams team is trained in how to support critical applications, exchange sensitive data, and enforce authorization requirements.
Environmental Policy
Softrams is committed to protecting the environment of the Earth. To minimize environmental impacts concerning our activities, products and services, we shall: — Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which Softrams subscribes which relate to its environmental aspects. — Prevent pollution, reduce waste and minimize the consumption of resources. — Educate, train and motivate employees to carry out tasks in an environmentally responsible manner. — Encourage environmental protection among suppliers and subcontractors. Softrams is committed to continual improvement of environmental performance. This Policy will be communicated to all staff, contractors and suppliers, and be available for the public.

Softrams’ 2022 Corporate Greenhouse Gas Inventory is available. This report provides a summary of CO2e emissions generated by Softrams’ business activities using principles of GHG accounting and reporting as established by the World Resources Institute/World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol.