We create innovative products that enhance capabilities and improve quality of life.

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APP Foundry Lab
At Softrams, we create innovative products that enhance capabilities and improve quality of life.
We create these products in our App Foundry lab where we utilize state-of-the-art technology to foster creativity and spur collaborative ideas. Here, we build technology and process accelerators tailored to our customer needs that enable solutions, improve ROI, and reduce time to market. We want to bridge the gap between technology and usability and reimagine a new reality that works for all.
App Foundry
Our Products

Some of our products

A vector illustration of a man sitting on a chair holding a laptop with icons for security and data on the left side.


Eagle accelerates the build of your own Cloud Native Software Factory, that is up and running on Day 1. Empower your teams to create new services and workloads, that come with full end-to-end CI/CD pipelines.

Our 360-degree security platform offers generic, cloud-native, and open-sourced compliance. It enables software release by utilizing industry best practices with speed, efficiency, and security.
HDrive: A vector illustration showing a doctor holding a clipboard in a cell phone screen with icons on either side representing healthcare statistics.


Our revolutionary hDrive system stores, transfers, and manages all your healthcare data. You can connect with doctors, insurance companies, and wearable devices, such as fitness trackers, in one convenient application for you and your family.

You have the ability to track and monitor your health with the help of artificial intelligence providing insights and analysis tailored just for you.
Bulwark: A vector illustration of a woman looking at representations of documents and a picture in a folder and a checklist with lock icons.


Bulwark is an organizational asset and vulnerability management tool, designed with security and project management in mind. Bulwark generates security reports, manages API keys, and seamlessly integrates with Jira or email for automated messaging.

It supports security reporting that detects and prevents incidents before they become significant problems.
Accel: A vector illustration of two people sitting across from each other at a table using laptops. Above the table is a computer screen showing a woman talking with statistics graphs around her.


Our Accel learning platform empowers teams and organizations with guided learning and curated pathways. Skills matrices, certifications tracking reports, and analytical insights help prepare and deploy new learning paths with personalized dashboards.

Accel is already licensed and deployed in the federal space as it leads the way towards digital transformation.