Our Services

Supporting CMS

Softrams helps the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid implement major AARA, ACA, and MACRA healthcare legislation.

Supporting Federal Agencies

Supporting federal agencies to implement effective policies and programs through building & delivering simple, intuitive, usable digital services for citizens.

Commercial & Non-profits

Working with commercial & non-profit organizations to deliver mission critical healthcare, education and cyber security programs for their clients.


User Experience  (UX) / User Interface (UI)

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User-Centered Design

We develop user-centric digital strategy and user experience through innovative approaches to conducting focus groups and user surveys that helps our customers stand out among their competitors. Our experienced UX design experts address the “whole user experience from start to finish”.

Some of the technologies, frameworks and tools we use to deliver our UX work: Axure, Invision, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch and Marvelapp.

User Interface Development

Our experienced User Interface developers leverage modern open source technologies & frameworks to build simple and intuitive user interfaces using Behavior Driven Development (BDD). Our ‘mobile first’ and API approach to data, content and information ensures responsive user interfaces. Our passion for code quality, implementation of best practices, and automated testing assures successful delivery for our clients.

Some of the technologies, frameworks and tools we use to deliver our UI work: Angular.js, Angular 2, React, Backbone, Bootstrap, IOS, Android, JQuery, Node.js, Python and Ruby.


Big Data & Data Science

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One of the skills that characterizes great business data analysts is the ability to communicate practical implications of quantitative analysis to any kind of audience member. Even the most sophisticated statistical analysis is not useful to a business if it does not lead to actionable advice or if the answers to those business questions are not conveyed in a way that non-technical people can understand.

Softrams supports policy exploration and data driven decisions using tools like SPARK and H2O.AI to analyze heterogeneous data sources (structured or un-structured). Our analytics and business intelligence provide value for data experts, model contractors and data scientists who research and explore healthcare data. We provide: predictive analytics and data mining against very large federal data warehouses, Big Data analysis of pre-payment claims to alert and prevent improper payments, sophisticated BI dashboards and business intelligence reporting.




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We believe in “building services and systems using agile iterative practices” and “deploying a flexible & scalable hosting environment” by emphasizing “continuous automated testing”. We offer out-of-the-box Technology Accelerators (TAs) to rapidly enable a DevOps environment that enables our customers to focus on building iterative functionality. Our experience in leveraging application performance data to drive decisions and our expertise in configuring modern Application Performance Monitoring (APMs) and Security Incident and Event Management (SEIM) tools helps our customers rapidly improves the time to market.

Some of the technologies, frameworks and tools we use to deliver our DevOps Services: Git, GitHub, Jenkins, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Docker, AWS, CloudFormation.


Cyber Security

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The Softrams cyber security team consists of highly skilled, certified IT security experts and engineers. We provide subject matter expertise with Federal IT Security Standards, Policies and Guidance (i.e., FISMA, OMB, FIPS, NIST RMF, FedRAMP,) and industry best practices.

We applied our experience in application and data security to build our Softrams’ ‘Cyber Security as a Service’ offering. This service provides vulnerability and risk and security control assessments that are tailored to a client’s applications. This includes:

  • Enterprise security architecture design and implementation
  • Privacy Impact Analysis
  • Internal and external penetration testing
  • Table-top testing and disaster recovery planning & implementation
  • Security Incident & Event Management implementations
  • IT risk management and HIPAA compliance.