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User Testimonials

“I want to thank you for all of your collaboration and support through the bid submission system changes this year. Large scale system changes are always challenging to manage across the various parties and I’m sure it required heroic efforts on your side. I really appreciated the upfront engagement during the development process and, of course, the daily support at the end to resolve API issues. My team and I are thrilled to be done with the PBP software! Thank you again.”

HPMS Plan User

“Thank you all for your dedication to making sure we capture necessary revisions and functionality improvements over the course of this RFA-to-web effort.............Finally, thank you…for being such generous partners with your time, understanding, and patience as this tracked our clearance process in parallel, which made for a tricky final few weeks.”

CTS CMS Stakeholder

“MDP program received Zero Findings as well in the assessment. This is good news for MDP. The recent quarterly Rebate Calculation assessment of the MDP found no errors and no mentionable discrepancies. This is an unusual first in that the assessors always seem to find something amiss. Good work everybody!”

CMS MDP stakeholder

“I’ve been a COR for 21 years, best transition I’ve ever had."”


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