Our Team

Our dynamic team of over 650 skilled employees from 40+ states is mission-driven to create a more inclusive digital world.

Advisory Board Members

Jennifer Main
Former Chief Operating Officer, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Leadership Team

Portrait of Atchut Kanthamani
Atchut Kanthamani
Founder / Chief Executive Officer
Murali Mallina
Chief Technology Officer
Bryce Golwalla
Chief Strategy Officer
Linda Schmidt
Director, Business Development
Portrait of Andrew Hand
Andrew Hand
Director, Growth and Strategy
Thomas Campbell
Director, Contracts
Chitra Rao
Director, Human Resources
Jen Baker
Director, Quality
Padma Karumuri
Director, Data Practice
Paul Mullin
Director, AI Practice
Joshua Seidel
Director, Cloud Practice
Chris Hodowanec
Director, HX Practice
Bill Jones
Director, Security Practice
Portrait of Chetan Devraj
Chetan Devraj
Lead, Salesforce Practice
Ann Morey
Senior Director
Rajesh Velusamy
Portfolio Director
Surendra Golla
Technical Director
Vivek Trehan
Portfolio Director
Salauddin Shaik
Technical Director
Madhu Jegarnathan
Portfolio Director
Rajesh Pandian
Technical Director

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