Human Experience (HX) describes the collective experience any person has with a product, service, or organization across all touchpoints.

Our team elevates human experience by providing Strategy, Research, and Design services.


Fusing together marketing, research, and innovative design principles to understand user needs and align designs with government goals

Optimizing services and employing cutting-edge design thinking and user-centric methodologies

Prioritizing seamless and user-friendly interactions to elevate satisfaction and trust

Seamless, accessible, intuitive interactions, optimizing efficiency and transparency

Precise planning, tailored communications, and impactful dissemination

Blending aesthetics and function for engaging user experience

Crafting a narrative that mirrors your mission, infusing distinctive values, compelling messaging, and striking visuals

Strategic campaigns, tailored communications, and unparalleled support for your administration’s vision and objectives

Unlock the potential of creative design where innovation meets aesthetics to drive your objectives home

Tailor public services and policies precisely to the needs and experiences of your target audience

Seamless Integration

Our HX team uses a Discover, Explore, Build, and Evaluate Framework (DEBE) and integrates seamlessly using various forms of agile frameworks.

We use qualitative and quantitative research methods to inform strategy and vision.
We collaborate with users and across teams to generate and explore potential solutions.
We leverage design systems and design tools to generate solutions.
We test our models with users to ensure that we are building the right solution.

HX For All Programs

Our skilled practitioners work with teams throughout Softrams to home in on desirability, viability, and feasibility.

Reducing Risk Through Greater Understanding

At its core, HX work is about mitigating risk. When our HX team contributes to requirement gathering, we generate prototypes with greater clarity that meet user needs and reduce the amount of rework in development.

years of collective experience in strategy, research, ad design

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