Our Data Practice empowers leaders to make mission-impacting decisions with real-time data analytics.

We design and build solutions and architecture for enterprise data and analytics platforms.


Data strategies, data as a strategic asset, policies and strategies, data stewardship, data maintenance, and data curation

Maintaining a robust data architecture and managing data models

Data integration processes and ETL processes

Data visualizations and reports and enabling a data-centric enterprise

Robust security measures and compliance with mandated security standards and frameworks

Big data technologies and frameworks, advanced analytics, automation and optimization, AI algorithms, and ethical and responsible AI usage

Health checks, monitoring systems, fine-tuning database configurations, documenting best practices and lessons learned, data guidance and training, ensuring data quality, and promoting data literacy


Keeping Pace with Industry Standards

Our Data Practice maintains data integrity by ensuring all our data stores and apps adhere to industry-standard data management and data access practices, policies, and procedures.

Faster Development For All

The Data Practice prioritizes writing reusable code that can be used as accelerators across all projects, providing teams with the framework to build new systems faster.

Knowledgeable Data Practitioners

By maintaining a strong understanding of compliance regulations around data sharing and data delivery standards, we ensure the quality of our work and the safety of all data that Softrams manages.

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