Our Cloud Practice keeps us up-to-date with the latest in cloud computing and DevOps so we can dynamically support our programs' ever-changing needs.

We foster collaboration between data scientists, engineers, domain experts, and stakeholders to create effective AI solutions.


Curated and integrated solutions using open-source tooling to monitor and detect vulnerabilities in the supply chain of the development lifecycle

Expert team of certified SMEs in Kubernetes, as well as our Eagle platform built on the Kubernetes framework

Softrams is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with over 40 certified engineers

Expertise in all industry leading orchestration platforms, development integration, and deployment methods

Terraform, Cloudformation

Ansible, Chef, and maintaining integrity and continuity across infrastructure configurations

Experts in Well-Architected Frameworks (WAF) and Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)

Financial accountability, business value, cost optimization, IT financial management, and business value realization

Identifying the right resources for each application and achieving efficiency by balancing workload performance, compliance, and cost

Transferring data and tools to cloud environments to reduce costs, and improve security and performance

Third-party cloud computing, managed hosting, maintenance, and upgrades

Evaluating your organization’s cloud readiness and smoothing the migration to cloud

Consistent support from our DevOps experts, technical advisors, and leadership for your organization’s DevOps transformation



HPMS migration
Eagle platform
Drift detection across all programs
Curated in-house Terraform module library
Compliance toolset
MDP migration to Kubernetes
DBiDS migration into ECS
ARTS migration to the cloud

Support at All Levels

The Cloud Practice creates well-informed cloud strategies for Softrams as a whole and individual teams, and helps to manage the adoption process. The practice manages the infrastructure, architecture, and tooling across all our products and programs.

Architecture Reviews and Guidance

The Cloud Practice guides architecture and Support, Trust, Assurance, and Risk (STAR) reviews for all programs, and helps them update their Infrastructure as Code (IAC).

Ensured Stability

We ensure stability in the programs and the applications we build and maintain for Softrams’ customers. We also provide and manage the tooling all teams use to ensure a solid security posture, higher than industry standard code coverage, and supply chain management.

team members with an average 15 years of experience
years of collective experience
certifications our team members hold on average

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