Softrams is a trusted cybersecurity partner with a proven track record working with federal agencies.

Our quality results in 100% ATO obtainment and renewal with solid security postures using modernized approaches like Zero Trust and NIST frameworks.

A modern graphical representation of security services focused on human tuning.


Compliance, implementation guidance, and review

Snyk Integration with GitHub for third-party library auditing and remediation, NIST 800-161r1 implementation support

Secure software development from the ground up, implementation, and review

Web application API attacks, specialized for your technology stack, scoped agreement with full reporting, and transparency on all risks discovered

Secure systems, configuration advice in IaC and Cloud Platforms, and remediation steps

Tracking for full completion from discovery to closure

What is needed, how to supply it, and how to train on it, covered from start to finish




Leverage Our Trusted Expertise

Softrams helps our customers understand risks to their systems and offers Managed Security Services (MSS) to fit your specific organization’s requirements.

Risk Mitigation with Modern Security

Softrams has you covered with automated reporting security incidents and a single security dashboard where stakeholders can view all security issues. Navigating risk has never been easier.

Tailored Solutions

Softrams partners with customers to explore what works best for them. Our experts will work with you to determine the best approach to cybersecurity that will secure your operations and be up to date with all federal regulations.

years of collective experience

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