Inside our App Foundry: Job Ring

Darby Arden
December 15, 2022
5 min read

We all know that looking for a new job can be tedious and frustrating. You spend so much time sifting through job listings, and once you find one you’re interested in, you can still end up with so many questions. How many other people have already applied for this position? When will I hear back about my application? What will the interview process look like if my resume is considered? On the flip side, job recruiters have their own struggles when finding qualified candidates. Someone might look great on paper, but how do you know if they’re really the right fit? What if it’s difficult to find qualified candidates in the first place? If any of these sound like an experience you’ve had, you’re not alone.


The modern job application process is messy on both sides.That’s why Softrams App Foundry has been working on something new: Job Ring.


Job Ring is a referral management tool that aims to democratize the recruiting process by empowering everyone involved. With this tool, users will be able to refer others for job opportunities from their own network of professionals, and users that have been referred will be able to apply for jobs as high-value applicants. Applicants will also be able to see the status of their application once submitted, and recruiters will be able to choose from a concentrated pool of qualified applicants, and will be able to see which applicants were referred by someone in their network. Involving job applicants and their own networks of professionals as well as recruiters will enhance the overall process of job searching and recruiting.


Not only will Job Ring be a platform for qualified applicants to find jobs that fit their skills and expertise, but users will also be incentivized to refer individuals from their network for open positions. With Job Ring, every time you refer someone for a job, you’ll be eligible for a bonus. You may also receive additional bonuses for each qualified interview you refer, as well as for any referral that is hired. Even more bonus opportunities may be possible if the hired referral reaches certain milestones.


Softrams is very excited to be working on this new tool in our App Foundry. The App Foundry prioritizes human-centered design, which has been an integral part of every step of developing Job Ring. By conducting design challenge training around the topic of job applications and recruiting to find out the most common problems, our team was able to design Job Ring as a kind of “Uber for hiring,” enabling all future users to take part in the referral process.


You can take part in the development process for Job Ring by signing up now at to participate in the pilot period, which will start in early 2023. Our team will observe how participants in this pilot period engage with this innovative new service model and how the tool will be used in a practical setting. This pilot period will give us an opportunity to finalize all of the details of Job Ring, ensuring future seamless release to the general public.


Want to stay updated on Job Ring? Sign up for the pilot and follow Softrams on LinkedIn to stay updated on Job Ring developments as well as the other products in our App Foundry.

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