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Softrams 2022 Review

Darby Arden
Friday, January 13, 2023

Softrams had some major achievements in 2022! We won new contracts and awards, sponsored conferences in the IT and government industries, acquired a new partnership with the DSC, and advanced our own independent software. The groundwork laid in 2022 will help us as we continue our mission in 2023.

Softrams achieved many milestones in 2022 and hope to achieve many more in the new year.

2022 was the best year yet for Softrams! The year marked some major milestones not only for Softrams as a whole, but also for its programs and individual employees. Softrams expanded its reach this year to acquire two new contracts with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services as well as the Department of Labor. Softrams individuals, programs, and the company itself also received several awards in 2022, and sponsored conferences alongside other industry leaders. Beyond that, Softrams also made strides developing our own independent software and partnering with the Digital Services Coalition as well as providing high-quality training and information sharing for our employees.

New Contracts

Softrams won two new contracts this year with new agencies: The Department of Labor (DOL) and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency of the Department of Homeland Security.


Softrams will be working with the Department of Labor to modernize the EFAST program, which handles employer-submitted forms describing their pension and welfare benefit plans. These filings are the principal source of information concerning over 800,000 plans that cover more than 140 million private sector workers, retirees, and dependents and hold over $11 trillion in assets. This information is essential to federal agencies, branches, and the private sector in assessing employee benefit, pension, and economic issues. We will provide our expertise and analysis to recommend efficient and effective modernization solutions, integrations with other solutions, and tool changes. We will also provide oversight and analysis of performance and deliverables as well as perform and report on system and application testing.


Our new contract with USCIS will support the delivery of the Electronic Immigration System (ELIS) which processes millions of immigrations requests each year and impacts countless others. The current ELIS accounts for 75% of the agency’s workload; in its next phase, Softrams plans to drive innovation and business process re-engineering. Softrams will bring our innovative practices to the table, utilizing CI/CD, automated testing, secure containerized development, and microservices-based architecture, resulting in high-quality software with enhanced security and flexibility, along with the added benefit of scaling due to growing demand for the ELIS.


Awards and Conferences

Softrams employees, programs, and the company itself were also the recipients of multiple awards in 2022 from FedHealthIT, North Virginia Technology Council (NVTC), and the Washington Business Journal.

  • The G2Xchange/FedHealthIT Disruptive Tech Awards recognized IDDOC, Robert Burger, and Vadit Majundhar as disruptors that are leading and transforming Federal information technology.
  • The PDPFS module of HPMS and Health Price Transparency module of ACO-MS were both recognized by the FedHealthIT Innovation Awards. These awards recognize and honor the Federal Health technology and consulting community by celebrating programs nominated and selected by their peers for driving innovation and results.
  • CEO Atchut Kanthamani and Softrams were both NVTC Tech 100 Award winners. This award program highlights the companies and individuals who are driving technology innovation, implementing cutting-edge solutions, and leading growth in the D.C. Metro region.
  • CEO Atchut Kanthamani also was a FedHealthIT100 honoree in 2022. He was recognized as a professional who desires and shows willingness to challenge conventional wisdom, to go above and beyond, to drive innovation, and to give back to the larger Federal Health IT and Consulting community.
  • Softrams won two Top Workplaces culture excellence awards in Leadership and Innovation.
  • Softrams made the Washington Business Journal’s 2022 list of Fastest Growing Companies.


We also sponsored eight conferences in the federal contracting, IT, and healthcare spaces. These sponsorships support the communities and industries we are part of, and enable us to make lasting connections with our peers and clients.


Other Achievements

Softrams advanced our own software development initiatives this year and licensed our first independently developed product. In 2022, Softrams licensed our Accel tool to one of our clients. Accel was developed as a tool to track and administer training to Softrams employees. Over the past several years, more functionality was added to address the needs and desires of other teams making it a fully rounded learning platform.

We also established a new partnership in 2022 with the Digital Services Coalition (DSC). This organization comprises like-minded organizations that are leading efforts to improve how government delivers services to the American public. We hope that through our partnership with DSC, we can further our mission of bringing positive change by creating inclusive and equitable digital services to improve social and economic outcomes for all people through partnerships across civic ecosystems.


As SAFe training remains an important component of our work, we offered 8 classes last year for our employees to learn SAFe practices for the first time, or to further their SAFe skills. 93 people attended these sessions in 2022. We also hired two new SAFe trainers to better address the needs of our SAFe practitioners.


We also held 80 brown bag sessions throughout the year for different teams to share what they have been working on with the rest of the company. These sessions are great ways for team members to present on different topics and for employees to learn more about what their coworkers are doing and expand their knowledge. We also held webinars that were open to the public to attend about accessibility topics, using human-centered design in building API services, and building infrastructure with Cloud Development Kit for Terraform.These public webinars enabled information sharing with both Softrams employees as well as other industry professionals interested in these topics.


Looking Ahead

The groundwork Softrams laid in 2022 promises to lead to positive developments in the new year. Our HX team has been hard at work developing JobRing, a job search tool that will innovate the way job applicants find positions and how companies find qualified applicants. Softrams gave a preview to the community in 2022 of what Job Ring offers, as well as opened registration for the pilot launch to be held in 2023. We look forward to launching Job Ring fully to the public this year.


We worked on developing our SAFe training offerings in 2022, and in 2023 we plan to provide those benefits to SAFe practitioners outside of Softrams. Now with three trainers going into 2023, later this year we will be opening our SAFe training to other local professionals in the tech industry who want to begin their SAFe journey or obtain more certification.


Lastly, we are continuously looking for awards to apply for, conferences to sponsor, and local groups to support. Softrams’ ever-growing footprint in the tech space means that we hope to expand our reach even further and continue to be recognized as outstanding drivers of innovation in the tech space.


We are so excited about all of Softrams’ achievements in 2022, and know that 2023 will be an even better year going forward!

Darby Arden
Friday, January 13, 2023
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