Softrams Joins DSC

Zara Ikram
August 10, 2022
5 min read

Softrams is thrilled to join the Digital Services Coalition (DCS), which comprises of like-minded organizations that are leading efforts to improve how government delivers services to the American public. As the DSC looks to gather support from commercial tech firms to make sweeping changes to how things are done, Softrams is answering the call for an innovative, forward-thinking ally that can make this a reality. By working together, we can accelerate the government’s ability to implement services that focus on good usability, reliable technology, and accessibility for all.

Softrams remains focused on its mission of bringing positive change. We believe in creating inclusive and equitable digital services to improve social and economic outcomes for all people through partnerships across civic ecosystems.  We’re excited to collaborate with the coalition members to drive sustainable change.

We continue to strive to make a difference every day for the programs we serve that in turn impact millions of Americans. We are thrilled with the further adoption of Agile and Human Centered Design across all of Government. This shift towards Government and Industry collaboration to share focus on the end user is making a significant impact on bridging the gap between technology and usability.  

Our journey has centered on rapidly evolving to both understand but also implement the latest cutting-edge technology that best serves the mission. Often, these missions are critical in nature and the trust bestowed upon us to implement and deploy new technology across federal agencies is a deep honor. The vision remains to expand on the platform that we have built and serve not only our current missions but expand our reach and ultimately our impact to many more through our DSC partnership.

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