Transforming Salesforce Deployment at Softrams: A Copado Success Story

Amitabh Borah
February 1, 2024
5 min read

At Softrams, we can proudly say that we have improved Salesforce deployment agility for our client with the Copado tool. The tool itself gives us the capability to design our release pipelines so we can manage merge conflicts better, increase the frequency of our deployments (both components and data), and automate tasks within Copado to improve the developer experience. We now have off-cycle, bi-weekly, and monthly releases with the power of the tool and a mature development process.

Streamline Deployments with Reduced Merge Conflicts

In our program, we have designed our pipelines for major, minor, and hotfix releases, and have designed our branching strategy within Copado so we can mitigate the merge conflict scenarios with our developers working in parallel with multiple releases. We also introduced a user story bundling process to reduce the merge conflicts. With clean and parallel pipelines and merge-up and merge-down methodology, our implementation activities are predefined and controlled as and when the features are expected to roll into a particular sandbox.

Enhancing Operations with Data Deployment

Copado Data Deployment Tool empowers our developers to now include a specific data deployment request for a user story. Copado's data tool can easily be configured with the object relationships and can be leveraged to automate data migration and data seeding between sandboxes.

Boosting Code Quality Through Automation

In the past, we often had challenges with keeping our apex code coverage within our client-defined coverage limit of 90% with aggressive timelines and the fact that we only work on code coverage late in the process when we have a stable code base in a QA environment. There needs to be discipline within the organization to prioritize the components that are low in coverage. To address this process, we have introduced automation within Copado to schedule the code coverage reports to our development team on a daily basis and having a regular cadence to follow up and address the coverage issues on time.

The integration of Copado into our Salesforce processes at Softrams has marked a significant leap forward in deployment agility, data management, and automation. These enhancements have not only improved our internal workflows but also greatly benefited our client projects. As we continue to innovate and improve, we look forward to exploring new horizons with Copado, driving success in all our Salesforce endeavors.

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